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The Mosaic Hotel, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, is conveniently located to the many unique attractions, nightlife and shopping destinations.

Local Attractions Include:

10899 Wilshire Blvd, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-443-7000
Guide - Restaurants - Sushi

Nobu Malibu

3835 Crosscreek Rd, Malibu Country Mart, Malibu, CA 90265 310-317-9140

Description: MALIBU. A favorite with Malibu's young and trendy crowd, this member of the famous chain impresses with a sleek decor punctuated with rich wood accents and jet-black chairs. The clientele is even more hip than the interior, and you'll often find a veritable "who's who" of famous locals in attendance. House specialties range from fresh-from-the-sea octopus to popular items like delicate oysters, exquisite sushi, and mouthwatering squid pasta.
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Chez Melange

1611 S. Catalina Ave, Palos Verdes Inn, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 310-540-1222

Description: REDONDO BEACH. If you're out and about in Redondo Beach, Chez Melange is definitely worth a stop. An eclectic menu features everything from sushi and Southern fried chicken salad to spicy Cajun meatloaf and Moroccan chicken, all prepared with an expert hand. Despite the diverse inspirations, every dish displays the chef's creativity and skill. Add to that an excellent wine list, stylish decor, and warm, professional service, and you have a "can't miss" dining experience.
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Sushi Roku

33 Miller Alley, Pasadena, CA 91103 626-683-3000

Description: PASADENA. Perhaps one of the region's best sushi joints, ultra-sleek Sushi Roku may not attract the trendy model-and-starlet crowd that its West Hollywood and Santa Monica siblings get; nevertheless, wise Pasadenians take full advantage of the Japanese "comfort food" (some of it prepared on an open-flame grill). Diners looking to go the raw route should consider sampling something from the sushi bar, like miji, katana with cucumber, crab and avocado, and sea eel ­ there are far too many choices for just one visit.
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218 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310-247-8939

Description: BEVERLY HILLS. True connoisseurs of sushi gladly fork over $250 for much sought-after omakase-style meals from renowned sushi chef Hiroyuki Urasawa. Only a reservation grants entrance to this intimate, zen-like space, where you'll experience course after course of the freshest, most painstakingly prepared fish. While the menu changes often, past dishes have included seared toro (a prime, fatty cut of tuna) served on a hot stone, tataki-style Kobe beef with wasabi and sea salt, and a perfectly-textured slice of tofu topped with caviar and gold flakes. A decent sake selection is on-hand to accompany blissful culinary journeys, but take note ­ alcohol is not included in the price of dinner. Also, diners can choose the number of courses they would like ­ typically, it's 25 to 30.
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10853 Lindbrook Dr, Westwood Village, West Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-209-0071

Description: WESTWOOD. Trendy is definitely the name of the game here ­ the adjective applies to decor, waitstaff, customers, and food. Great sushi and tempura are served to an appreciative crowd, and desserts like coconut sorbet are not to be missed. A hotspot for hip Californians in the mood for terrific Japanese food.
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Sushi Nozawa

11288 Ventura Blvd, Ste C, Studio City, CA 91604 818-508-7017

Description: STUDIO CITY. At this storefront eatery, you'll be treated to fresh, delicious sushi and good service. One quirk, however, is that the chef, although a master at his craft, has a reputation for being a bit demanding ­ both of himself and of diners. Folks are expected to order from the menu only and to obey arbitrary rules of dining, like eating a piece of sushi in a single mouthful. It's not unheard of for rule-breakers to be asked to leave. Your best bet is to sit at the bar, not request anything extraneous, and let the chef dole out what he deems appropriate. If you accept such idiosyncracies, you'll find traditional Japanese cuisine at its absolute best.
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Sushi Masu

1911 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 310-446-4368

Description: WESTWOOD. At Sushi Masu, the rolls are as unique and pretty as they are flavorful. Regulars return frequently for melt-in-your-mouth raw fare, including delectable sea urchin and white tuna. For diners who prefer cooked cuisine, an array of dishes awaits, including teriyaki and soft-shell crab with vegetables. While the restaurant's decor is nothing to write home about, the incredible food and very reasonable prices are enough to pack the tiny spot on most nights ­ be sure to call ahead for a reservation.
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Mori Sushi

11500 W Pico Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90064 310-479-3939

Description: WEST LOS ANGELES. This understated spot doesn't even have its name on the sign ­ look instead for a rustic sketch of a fish. The minimalist interior features simple table and bar seating in order to place focus on the exquisite food. In fact, presentation of some of the city's freshest seafood is so breathtaking that diners have been known to comment that they didn't know whether to eat it or frame it. Try octopus carpaccio, broiled prawns, or fabulously fresh sashimi. Order a Kirin beer to highlight the flavors.
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129 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310-659-9639

Description: BEVERLY HILLS. Matsuhisa is first-born sibling to the internationally trendy Nobu restaurants and is the chef-owner's original endeavor. It's not so given to fanfare as the others, and the relative quiet of the place is incredibly appealing to folks who prefer that the focus be on the cuisine. And what sublime food it is, thanks to an excellent sashimi salad, delectable tempura, and "new style" sashimi that gets a kick from Latin American flavors. Cooked items are also terrific, as is the omakase menu. And yes, it's a great spot for stargazing ­ no, not the celestial kind.
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11680 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 818-985-6976

Description: STUDIO CITY. A favorite with close-by industry types, this restaurant enjoys a loyal patronage that the chef-owner much appreciates. These folks won't settle for sushi anywhere else, and have become accustomed to the eatery's impeccably fresh fish, inventive rolls, and prompt service. A popular lunch spot for business people.
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9240 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 310-202-8890

Description: CULVER CITY. Lunch and dinner crowds flock here whether it be young professionals throughout the week or curious fish fanatics who come for their sushi fix on the weekends. While the decor is simple - white-washed walls, concrete bases and a silver-polished bar area - the flavorful rolls will certainly leave an indelible memory. Chef and owner Keizo Ishiba is an icon around town, celebrated for his fusion of French style with the tradition of Japanese small plates and sushi rolls. Allow the staff to guide your each choice, as they'll make your dining experience an art form and surprise the palate with an eruption of different tastes.
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11941 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 818-760-3348

Description: STUDIO CITY. This appealing eatery is a regular and constant choice for folks looking for the best sushi around. A great menu offers both cooked and raw items, and excellent service makes the experience that much better. Sashimi is a specialty, but you'll find everything from salmon skin rolls and eel tempura to abalone and sea urchin.
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